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15 April 2015 @ 09:37 pm
I have moved  
Dear people following my LiveJournal (if there is any XD),
To be honest, I have had a great time here for the last 3 years, since when I was just a 9th grader. However, LiveJournal keeps getting worse, or at least it is not going the way I favor. Moreover, I have found that I enjoy Wordpress for several reasons, among which the biggest one is that Wordpress is damn easy to customize, every way you want, unlike LJ, which love to have its users pay to have more access to customization AND to remove ads (for real?!).
So basically, I have moved my blog to another website, the one of.my.own, and is powered by Wordpress located here ---> flyer.cf/blog
Most entries (not all, I mean except for those that sound so cheesy and stupid that I couldn't believe that I myself have written) dated from my 16th birthday (Aug 19, 2010 FYI) will have a copy there With.The.Comments (!!!). The older ones can still be found here, as I will not ever delete this blog, unless LJ goes crazy and decides to stop the service.

Enough saying. Wish you all a good day, and please keep supporting me in my new site.